Greek Diaspora Shows Great Support for Christos from Arkioi Island

Nine-year old Christos from the remote Greek island of Arkioi in the Dodecanese, and his primary school teacher Maria Tsaliera, have received a huge amount of love and support from the Greek diaspora after Greek Reporter featured their unique story.

Christos is the only student remaining on the island. Holding the Greek flag, he marched alone on OXI Day, in front of the thirty residents of the isolated island.

“After the article, there was a huge response from Greeks in America, who have sent packages especially for Christos and his family,” said Christos’ teacher Maria Tsaliera.

“We lacked many important things, but now people sent us everything we need; including a camera and a microphone for Skype communication, books for Christos and even clothes. The help has been incredible,” said Ms. Tsaliera.

Things have been especially hard for the isolated islanders and the one-student school; has received very little help and support from the local authorities and the central government.

However now; Ms. Tsaliera explained, the school and Christos have gained so many “new friends” around the world, who are showing their love and support. Young Christos might be a lone student, but he is definitely not alone, she said.

“We honestly feel so wonderful,” she emphasized.

“At first I was so overwhelmed by all the love, I did not know what to say. We are being asked a lot if we need anything for our school and help is continually being offered. People have called us from all kinds of different countries to ask if there is anything that we need.”

Ms. Tsaliera added that young Christos was very excited about one particular gift.

“There was a lot of interest from Australia. Greeks in Australia organised a group and sent packages to Christos’ family. Now they are trying to gather money in order to buy a laptop for Christos, so that he can finally have a taste of what technology is. He is waiting for this laptop with much enthusiasm.”

“We appreciate everything people have done for Christos, both in Greece and abroad. There are so many people who have tried to help that I actually have not had the time to thank them all. I had so many phone calls, message and emails.” Ms. Tsaliera continued.

“I hope everyone who has helped, reads this article and understands how grateful we are for what they have done for us.”