Greek Police Arrest Suspect in Murder of Tax Inspector

The Greek police have arrested a Greek man suspected of murdering 32-year-old tax inspector Dora Zemberi in an Athens cemetery, on October 18.

The gruesome murder of multiple stabbings, has been a mystery to the police authorities for the past three weeks, but now they believe its motive might have been plain old-fashioned mugging.

According to reports, the police were led to the suspect’s arrest after inspecting CCTV footage both from around the Rizoupoli cemetery; where the murder took place, and from Omonoia square in downtown Athens, where the suspect attempted to sell the victim’s mobile phone.

The suspect; a 55-60 year old Greek man,  has reportedly confessed, and the police claim to have irrefutable evidence linking him to the crime.

Police sources claim that the suspect is a drug addict who attempted to rob the young tax inspector in the cemetery, while she was paying her respects to a recently deceased friend.

It appears that when Zemberi resisted him, he lost control and stabbed her 14 times before stealing her bag.