Greek Power Corp. Plans to Assign Unpaid Bills to Debt Collectors

The Greek Public Power Corporation (DEH) is planning to hire a consortium of eight companies in order to settle unpaid energy bills, which currently add up to €2.4 billion.

Greek media reported that included in the consortium, is a company which specializes in debt collection management whose CEO is Orestis Tsakalotos; a relative of Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos.

DEH on Monday said the penalty for debtors who delay payment will rise to 7.25% of their total arrears while a six-percent penalty will be levied on bills which go unpaid by state entities.

The budget for the proposal is €12 million and it is foreseen that the contractors’ remuneration will be set as a percentage of the debt collected.

However, the plan remains unconfirmed. A final decision to award the contract has not yet been taken by the PPC’s Board of Directors.

Source: AA


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