Drug Addict Confesses to Athens Cemetery Murder

A 58-year-old man confessed to the gruesome murder of 32-year-old tax inspector Dora Zemberi in an Athens cemetery, on October 18.

Police officers who arrested man said that the motive was to steal her mobile phone; which has a street value of about 25 euros.

While the suspect was being led to an Athens prosecutor to face charges, he was attacked by the father of the victim.

The police were led to the suspect’s arrest after inspecting CCTV footage both from around the Rizoupoli cemetery; where the murder took place, and from Omonoia square in downtown Athens, where the suspect attempted to sell the victim’s mobile phone.

A CCTV camera captured the moment when the suspect tried o sell the mobile phone in Omonoia square, hours after the murder

According to reports, in his confession the suspect said that he wanted to sell her mobile phone in order to get his fix.

“She hit me back and tried to escape. Then I lost control and start stabbing her with my knife”, he said.

The suspect also confessed that he was responsible for other muggings in Athenian cemeteries.