Chios Metropolitan Sends Message of Defiance to Turkey with a Mantinada (video)

Chios Metropolitan Markos chose the occasion of the anniversary of the island’s liberation from the Ottomans to send a message of defiance to Turkey.

On Friday, on the eve of the 105th anniversary, Metropolitan Markos dedicated a Cretan mantinada, a 15-syllable rhyming couplet in Cretan dialect, to Turkey.

The Metropolitan rhymed in honor to the many Cretans who gave their lives for the liberation of the island in 1912:

Enemies hear it well, do not raise your hopes, the islands and islets belong to us.”

Turkey has recently upped tension in the Aegean by increasing its violations of the Greek airspace and territorial waters.

The ‘holy’ mantinada followed a ceremony attended by hundreds of people where a huge Greek flag was hoisted at the main port.

The flag, acquired by the Metropolis of Chios, measures 150 square meters (1,600 square feet).


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