The First Made in Greece Motorcycle (photos)

The first Greek motorcycle was presented to the international audience at the EICMA motorshow exhibition in Milan, Italy on November 9.

Brainchild of Greek mechanical engineer Ntinos Nikolaidis, the DCR 017, is initially aiming at the custom-made niche of the international market.

In an interview with the ANA-MPA press agency, Nikolaidis says that if sales of the particular model kick-off, a line for mass production of the motor cycle can be established in Greece.

“We are competitive at the highest level. Everyone has admitted that our technology is unique and we are not afraid to compete,“ Nikolaidis said.

“We wanted to show how we are able to build motorcycles. This was achieved by the particular motorcycle.

“What has since emerged is the realization that there is demand, people are interested,” he added.

The creation of the first model of the DCR 017 began in 2016. It took Nikolaidis’s team just 12 months from the designing to the production phase.

“The final result is judged to be amazing,” notes Nicolaidis, citing the reviews of specialists who tested the motorcycle at the Milan exhibition.

The DCR 017 was nick-named ‘Brain Eraser’ – “you forget everything you may have in your mind once you ride it”, said the Greek engineer.


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