Cypriot Army Commander Suspended for Beating Soldier

On Monday, Cyprus Defence Minister Christophoros Fokaides suspended the commander of a Limassol-based unit who is being investigated for allegedly beating a soldier.

The 18-year old was taken to Limassol general hospital on Monday morning with bruising to his left eye and injuries to his throat and head, reports said.

He claimed he had been attacked by his commander earlier in the day after he went to his office to ask for leave for a trip to Greece, on Wednesday.

The defence ministry said that Fokaides ordered the immediate suspension of the commander until the investigation; ordered by the commander of the National Guard, is completed.

The Cyprus News Agency said that the commander had already sent a report to the army chiefs.

He denies the claims, saying it was the soldier who moved against him forcing other soldiers to intervene to subdue him.


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