IOM Report: Over 1,500 Refugees Reached the Greek Islands in November

Μigrant and refugee flows to Lesvos and other Greek islands in the northeastern Aegean remained high in November, based on the latest figures released by the UN Migration Agency IOM, on Tuesday. 

According to the IOM data, more than 1,500 migrants or refugees entered Greece by sea during the first 11 days of November, bringing the yearly total of migrant sea arrivals to Greek territory to 25,337, so far.

A total of 1,000 persons arrived on Lesvos island, 485 on Chios island, and 114 on Samos island between November 1-14.

Almost 14,000 (13,932) men, women and children have entered Greece by sea from the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean since 1 August; in other words, more migrants than have entered during the first seven months of 2017.

The Turkish coast guard said it had intervened in 23 incidents involving migrants and refugees within Turkish territorial waters between November 1-13, sending a total of 1,196 persons back to the Turkish coast.

This weekend, at least three incidents; off the island of Lesvos, required search and rescue operations. The Hellenic Coast Guard rescued 148 migrants and transferred them to safety.


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