Magnificent Video of Fog-Covered Polyphytos Bridge in Northern Greece

The beautiful landscape of Lake Polyphytos and its bridge near the northern Greek city of Kozani, is captured in a time-lapse video recorded last weekend.

The bridge; constructed in 1975, is one of the longest in Greece, with a length of 1,372 m.

The video was shot from the small village of Neraida; situated on the banks of the lake. Many tourists visit the village simply to enjoy the beautiful view.

Polyfytos Lake is an artificial lake of Aliakmonas River in Kozani. It was founded in 1973, after the construction of the dam, and it covers an area of 74 square kilometers.

According to local sites, seventeen species of freshwater fish live in the lake while the area around the dam is an important habitat for birds of prey as it provides them with food, shelter and nesting.


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