Fears of Looting Keep Police on Alert in Western Attica

    Greek police is on alert to deal with cases of possible looting and unruly behavior following the chaos caused by the floods in western Attica.

    According to reports, extra police units will be monitoring the situation in the worst-hit towns of Mandra and Nea Peramos throughout the night.

    Correspondents say that police forces in Attica are thinly spread as many officers are deployed in Athens due to the Polytechnic day celebrations that often result in riots.

    In the meantime, many local residents will spend the night in military camps or temporary accommodation provided by the local authorities.

    PM Alexis Tsipras promised that military camps will remain open to offer shelter and food to those affected.

    At least 15 people died and 9 are receiving treatment in hospital following the floods that hit western Attica on Wednesday.


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