Robert Pattinson in Athens for “Good Time” Film Premiere

An international heartthrob from his “Twilight” trilogy days; British actor Robert Pattinson is exhibiting the full range of his acting chops in the Safdie brothers’ crime thriller “Good Time“, which has secured some rave reviews.

The 31-year-old movie star, whose performance in “Good Time” has put him on the shortlist for next year’s Academy awards, will be visiting Athens for the first time on November 23 for the film’s Athens premiere.

The film; an homage to 1970s New York crime movies, revolves around Nick (Ben Safdie), who is being interviewed by a therapist attempting to get to the bottom of his cognitive disability, when his brother, Connie (Robert Pattinson), bursts in and takes him away.

They’ve planned a bank robbery, and it’s time to go. The robbery seems to go well, and they walk out with a bag of money, but then the dye packs go off, staining their clothes and faces.

As the brothers attempt to escape, Nick crashes through a glass door. He’s arrested and sent to the hospital. Connie tries to raise the money to bail him out, but the dyed cash is no good, and his girlfriend’s credit card doesn’t work, so he plans to break his brother out.

Over the course of a long, complex New York night, Connie meets several strange people, concocts a plan to retrieve hidden acid and sell it, and tries to stay a step ahead of the law.

CANNES, FRANCE – MAY 25: (L-R) Benny Safdie, Robert Pattinson and Josh Safdie attend the “Good Time” screening during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival.

Directing brothers Ben and Joshua Safdie have created an ode to intense 1970s New York crime cinema, but with their own vivid, confined close-up take, bathed in artificial, carnival colors. Good Time doesn’t necessarily transcend its genre limitations, but within those limitations, it’s superb.

Pattinson’s performance has received rave reviews from American film critics; some of which compare it to those of a young Al Pacino at the start of his career in the early 1970s, and Pattinson is considered a favourite for next year’s Oscar nominations.

The film; produced by, among others, Greek entrepreneur Paris Kasidokostas – Latsis through his Hercules Film Fund, was in the official Cannes Film Festival selection and premiered in the US last August. It will be arriving in Athens cinemas on November 23.


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