Historical Documents from 1897-1977 Found in Secret Room of Greek Parliament

Unknown archive documents of historical value were found in an unused storage room on the mezzanine floor of the Greek Parliament, House Speaker Nikos Voutsis announced on Wednesday.

The 1,180 documents stored in 172 boxes were mainly cabinet meeting records of the 1897-1977 period. They were discovered at the beginning of the year during fire safety works, Voutsis said in a press conference.

The House Speaker said that 984 dossiers have already been decoded and recorded, and added that half of the material found pertains to meetings of the dictators from the years 1967-1974.

Voutsis said that the junta period documents would help in the “reconstruction of the historical memory,” for upcoming generations.

In reply to the question of why the announcement was made now instead of eight months ago when the discovery was made, the House Speaker said that its was for reasons of Greek Parliament security regulations.

Voutsis said that most of the documents are from the seven-year junta period and he chose to reveal their existence the day the three-day commemoration celebrations for the student uprising at the Athens Polytechnic commenced. He said that one of the documents was the record of a meeting the dictators held on the night of November 17, 1973; the day the uprising ended in blood, but contributed to the overturn of the seven-year dictatorship.