Greece at the Bottom of EU Social Justice Chart

Unable to recover from the crippling financial crisis, Greece has been ranked last in the latest EU Social Justice Index presented by the Bertelsmann Foundation.

The report shows that a “marked recovery” on the EU jobs market has noticeably improved opportunities and reduced the risk of poverty, but Greece’s numbers remain alarmingly low.

Greece remains at the bottom of the social justice chart, immediately preceded by Romania, Bulgaria and Italy. The gap between northern and southern states is still “substantial,” with youth unemployment in the south a major issue.

The report states that the differences in opportunity and social justice between the EU’s northern and southern states, remain large.

Although unemployment has dropped overall; as well as in crisis-hit countries like Spain and Greece, the jobless rate remains around or above 20% in those southern states.

In Greece, it says, more than half of young people are out of work. By contrast, in Germany, a mere 7.1% of young people are without a job.

The share of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion in Greece stands at a “shockingly high 35.6%, followed by 27.9% in Spain and 28.7% in Italy,” the authors noted.


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