Four More Dead from Eurydice Flood Discovered in Mandra

The authorities’ worst fears materialized on Saturday when four more bodies were discovered in Mandra, western Attica, raising the “Eurydice” flood casualties to 20. Two of the four dead were on the police missing persons list.

A fourth victim has also been discovered: A man’s body was recovered dead near the bus depot of the municipality of Mandra. The body is transferred to Thriasio hospital for the identification.

Earlier, the bodies of two men were discovered by a port authority boat. They were transferred to the Thriasio hospital and identified.

Shortly after, the third victim was discovered in a workplace, with recovery crews considering the possibility of a fourth casualty on the premises.

Firemen have been using special techniques to canvass the muddied area and look for more victims, with trained dogs taking part in the rescue effort.


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