Greek PM Aide Karanikas Attacks Critic on Facebook

An advisor to Greek PM Alexis Tsipras launched an unprecedented verbal attack on a woman who dared to criticize him on Facebook.

In a shocking outburst, Nikos Karanikas, an advisor on strategic planning at the PM’s office, swore against businesswoman Kiki Macheridou, calling her a fascist, an abomination of history, and eventually telling her to f…off.

Macheridou dared to comment on Karanikas’s post that was praising the social dividend of 1.4 billion euros that the SYRIZA-ANEL government will offer to social groups affected by the crisis.

Macheridou wrote that he should be ashamed talking about the social dividend when Greece is mourning for the people who died due to the floods in Attica.

Using obscene language that is unfit and unacceptable for an advisor to a prime minister, Karanikas hit back at Macheridou.

Karanikas: With her it was necessary

In a statement to news organization, Karanikas confirmed the exchanges through Facebook’s messenger application.

“I agree that the insults we exchanged were not a nice thing. Obviously I replied in kind,” he said.

“I made the mistake and replied to her insults with insults.”

Karanikas, however, did not apologize for the outburst towards Macheridou.

“I don’t usually insult people I disagree with. But with her, it was necessary,” he stressed.

On her part, Macheridou said that the initial message he sent to Karanikas through messenger was not abusive, but on the next day she found, to her surprise, an insulting message from him.

“Initially I thought it was coming from somebody else called Karanikas,” she explained.

When she complained she received further abuse. She claims that Karanikas also threatened her not to publicize the exchange.

PM Office: Not an issue we deal with

A spokeswoman for the PM’ office speaking to the Greek Reporter said that she was not aware of the controversy.

She said, that in any case “this is not an issue that we deal with. The press office deals with the PM’s activities that concern Greek national interests,” she added.

In September, Karanikas caused controversy when he wrote a sarcastic post on Facebook telling Eldorado Gold “goodbye and good riddance”; following the Canadian mining company’s decision to suspend operations in Greece.

Following political outcry, Karanikas later deleted the post.


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