Death Toll in Greek Floods Rises to 21

Emergency services recovered one more body in Mandra, Attica bringing the death toll from the floods of last Wednesday to 21.

The body of a man was discovered under the mud at a depot at the outskirts of the town.

Rescue teams continue to search the area as at least one person is missing.

Greek authorities continue to assess the damage caused by the deadly floods in Attica.

So far technical teams have carried out 1,154 building inspections.

In Mandra the technical teams found that 733 buildings suffered serious damage, and their owners qualify for compensation.

In the municipal district of Nea Peramos, 229 building inspections were conducted, with 222 of them found to be in need of serious repair.

In the meantime, the Greek Parliament overwhelmingly approved the bill for financial compensation to the victims.

The bill stipulates that all houses that have been deemed seriously damaged by the technical teams will receive a compensation of 5,000 euros each.

For damaged businesses, the compensation amount will be 8,000 euros.


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