Greek Defence Minister Accepts Responsibility for Anarchists’ Invasion at Ministry

National Defense Minister Panos Kammenos said that he takes full political responsibility for the invasion of members of anarchist group Rubicon in his ministry on Friday.

Kammenos spoke in the House on Monday and answered to questions asked by opposition parties regarding the 15 or so anarchists who entered the yard of Greece’s Pentagon, reached the main building, and threw flyers with messages against imperialism, NATO and the Greek army.

The defense minister said that it was a very serious issue and condemns the act.

“The group should not come in, nor should they come out,” he said, adding that he will ask for a change in the existing legislation, stating that the military police has no authority to arrest civilians in military areas.

“It is an unacceptable incident to have a group invade in an army camp,” Kammenos said, adding that there was someone who knew about the invasion from “the third floor of the Ministry of National Defense and from the very first moment he took photos and shot videos.”

“We will find out what has happened and we will take measures not to let it happen again,” Kammenos stressed.