Greeks Believe Social Dividend Comes from Overtaxing, Says New Poll

The vast majority of Greeks believe that the surplus revenue the government is giving out as a social dividend is the result of over taxation, according to a new poll.

According to the survey conducted by the University of Macedonia on behalf of SKAI TV, 86% of participants believe that the revenue surplus comes from overtaxing Greeks, while only 5,5% attributed the surplus to an upturn of Greece’s economy.

At the same time, 69.5% of respondents said they would prefer to see their tax burden reduced instead of the government giving emergency aid to financially weaker social groups, a position that is supported by 22.5% of participants.

Voting intentions

Regarding voting intention, New Democracy leads the poll with 30.5% against 18.5% of Syriza. The Democratic Coalition (PASOK-DEMAR) comes in third – for the first time in years- with 8.5%, followed by Golden Dawn at 7%, and the Greek Communist Party (KKE) at 6.5%.

Regarding the new centre-left party that is to be formed after PASOK, To Potami, Democratic Left and other independents decided to join forces, 56% of respondents  believe that the new party should express the centre left with an autonomous course. Only 13.5% believe the centre-left is better represented by Syriza and therefore the new political entity should be incorporated into Syriza.

As for the future outlook, participants expressed pessimism, with 78% of Greek citizens believing that things are moving in the wrong direction. With regard to the economic prospects for each household separately, 49.5% of participants consider that it will probably get worse, and 38.5% believe that things will neither improve nor worsen.

In another poll conducted by ALCO on behalf of website, the difference between New Democracy and Syriza is smaller (26.4%-19.3%). In this poll the third place belongs to Golden Dawn (7.3%); Democratic Coalition is fourth (6.2%); followed by KKE (5.8%); Independent Greeks 2.4%; the Centrists Union (2.4%), and To Potami (2.1%).