Student Halls at Thessaloniki University Left to Rot (photos, video)

Students at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki warn of a health hazards, as photos emerge of their halls of residence depicting a picture of complete abandonment.

Cracked ceilings, mold in toilets, smashed washbasins and unstable elevators are only some of the problems facing students.

Speaking at, the president of the Association of Students in Thessaloniki, Archontia Papageorgiou, says that there is a serious problem with plumbing and in many rooms there is no hot water.

Buckets are placed at various points in the building to collect water dripping from the ceilings. The smell from the greenish mold in the bathrooms is unbearable even at the corridors.

Some students express fears that this deteriorating situation could pose serious health problems.

“I am disgusted by the mold in the bathroom. I have asked the supervisors to solve the problem, but nothing has happened,” says geology student, Dimitris Hadjiioannou.


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