Tempers Boil Over in Mandra Following Deadly Floods (video)

    Local politicians in the town of Mandra, Attica exchanged blows at the first meeting of the local council, after last week’s flood that claimed the lives of at least 21 people.

    Opposition councillors attacked the council leadership over its handling of the aftermath of the crisis.

    They blamed the mayor of Mandra-Eidyllia municipality Ioanna Kriekouki for indifference to the plight of the town, as she was absent from the meeting.

    Tempers flared and a fist-fight followed between critics and supporters.

    In the meantime, emergency services are still searching for a missing person.

    A week after the disaster, residents are still trying to clean the mud out of their homes. Most are staying with relatives or friends and some at local hotels booked by the local council.

    The government has committed to a compensation of 5,000 euros for all houses that were deemed seriously damaged, and 8,000 euros for businesses.


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