Greece and Albania Vow to Jointly Tackle Drugs, Cross-border Crime

Greek and Albanian police chiefs decided on Thursday on a coordinated plan of action involving police officers in Greece and Albania to deal with the major drug problem between the two countries and cross-border crime in general.

Hellenic Police chief Constantinos Tsouvalas and the General Director of the Albanian State Police Haki Cako, agreed that there are forms of cross-border crime (drug trafficking, thefts and burglaries near the Greek-Albanian borders, environmental offences etc.) that have been of major concern for both countries lately and require concerted action by both sides.

Therefore, in order to address these problems, they agreed:

–To promote the institution of simultaneous patrols at the borders of both countries;

–to designate contact points for the direct exchange of cross-border and organised crime information;

–to hold meetings between the technical teams of both police forces to tackle crime in the areas close to common land borders and the regular evaluation of their effectiveness.

Source: ANA-MPA


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