Greek Pensioners Protest Deep Cuts in Pensions, Health Care

Hundreds of pensioners protested in central Athens on Thursday against the new reduction in the pensions and cuts in health benefits.

The elderly protesters marched toward the ministry of Health demanding a review of the cuts they say are included in the draft budget of 2018.

Unimpressed by the package of 1.4 billion euros the Tsipras government is offering pensioners and low income families, the protesters say that the handout will not compensate for the loses they will incur.

According to the organizers of the protest, the measures included in the budget undermine access to healthcare and phase out the so-called EKAS allowance for low-pension retirees.

Pensioners’ associations are calling for a mass rally in Syntagma Sq. on 15 December to coincide with the passing of the draft budget by the Greek parliament.