Vandals Target Professor Speaking Out Against Violence in Greek Universities

The car of a Greek professor at the University of Thrace, was vandalized on Wednesday by unknown assailants outside his home at Xanthi, northern Greece.

The vandals sprayed the car with slogans against fascism and painted the hammer and sickle sign.

Professor Giorgos Pavlos of the Polytechnic school of Democritus University said that he was targeted by leftists who oppose his crusade against violence in Greek universities.

He added that a small minority of students espouse violence against all those who have different political views.

“The destruction of my car is an act of revenge by minority groups within the university,” he said.

Pavlos is the latest academic that falls victim of abuse by leftist and anarchist groups.

Last month Aggelos Syrigos of Panteion University of Athens, became the target for his outspoken stance against graffiti and posters at Greek universities.

Posters with photos of Syrigos being branded as a fascist, had been spotted around Athens.


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