Greek Gov’t Announces Program to Help People with Special Needs Access Beaches

The Greek government has announced a program to create structures and facilities that would help people with special needs access beaches.

The program’s total cost would be 5 million euros and the maximum per construction would be 60,000 euros. Coastal municipalities will be the beneficiaries of the program with a limit of four structures per municipality.

The installation of the mechanisms and auxiliary structures will not be completed until summer time, with the competition for contractors to open officially on Monday and conducted through the Ministry of Economy and Development.

Specifically, the program regards the supply and installation of non-permanent assembled mechanisms for independent access of disabled persons to the sea, without the need of an escort.

In addition, non-permanent auxiliary facilities, such as changing rooms, portable sanitary facilities, ramps, shade areas, bathers’ protection facilities and parking facilities for people with special needs will be included in the program.


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