Concert in Belgium Raises Money for “Fuel for Schools” in Northern Greece

A total of 35,000 euros has been raised in a charity concert in Brussels, in support of the initiative “Fuel for Schools”.  The funds were handed over to the International Foundation for Greece on Monday, to provide heating fuel to schools in remote areas of northern Greece.

Since the onset of the economic crisis, many schools in remote areas across northern Greece lack the funds to buy heating fuel. Since it was formed in 2012, the “Fuel for Schools” initiative raises money annually, in order to provide fuel to schools that need it.

The nonprofit association “12 Hours for Greece” organized a music concert with the participation of Greek artists on November 11 in Brussels. Hundreds of Greeks and philhellenes attended the event; the proceeds of which are to go to “Fuel for Schools”.

“With the support of the Greek community in Belgium, Belgian and other foreign citizens who are fond of Greece, we managed to collect 31,000 euros last year, and we helped supply with fuel 40 schools in the north of Greece. In those 40 schools, there are approximately 7,000 children,” said Jimmy Jamar, head of the European Commission Representation in Belgium and organizer of the “12 Hours for Greece” initiative in a press conference.

A check for 35,000 euros was handed over to Aspasia Leventis, founder and president of “International Foundation for Greece”, the organization that will deliver fuel to schools in remote villages of northern Greece. Leventis said in the press conference that this year 250 schools had applied for the program.

The heavy storms that hit northern Greece this year, and especially Samothrace that suffered many damages, has alarmed northern Greece communities that brace for a harsh winter.


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