EasyJet Cancels all ‘Macedonia Airport’ Flights for 48 Hours

Budget airline easyJet has cancelled all flights to and from Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki for the next 48 hours at least, because of runway works, a Kathimerini newspaper report says.

In addition to the bad weather conditions of the last few days that have led to the cancellation of dozens of flights of all airlines, repair works on the two main runways forced easyJet to make the decision.

Works on the runways carried out by the Greek State started two weeks ago, and aircraft are using an auxiliary runway that doesn’t have radio control facility, Kathimerini says.

As easyJet points out, the auxiliary runway is inappropriate for the take off and landing of the company’s aircraft. The airline also claims that companies have not been warned in advance about the closure of the runway.

For the next 48 hours at least, passengers will travel with buses chartered by the company to Athens, from where they will fly for their on going destinations, according to Kathimerini.

The necessity of upgrading the two main runways of Macedonia Airport had caused a recent confrontation between Greece’s Infrastructure Ministry and Fraport, the German company that took over the airport since the beginning of April.



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