Reward Offered in Case of Shocking Brutality towards Dog in Greece

An animal rights group in Achaia, western Greece is offering 1,000 euros as a reward for information that would lead to the arrest of the person responsible for the brutal death of a dog.

The latest case of animal brutality in Greece follows the publication on social media of horrific pictures of a dog hung from a tree and left to die an agonizing death in a village of western Archaia.

“We offer 1,000 euros to anyone who can tell us or the police who is the killer of this animal,” animal rights group “ELADA” said in a statement.

The dog was found dead hanging from a tree in an olive grove on Saturday.

The police are conducting investigations.

Last month, also in Achaia, a Greek man who was filmed driving at high-speed with his dog tied to his pick-up truck pleaded not guilty to animal abuse and was acquitted by a Greek court.

Warning: Distrurbing images follow