Pontians Celebrate in 13th Pan-Hellenic Festival of Pontian Dances (video)

The 13th Pan-Hellenic Festival of Pontian Dances; organized by the Pan-Pontian Federation of Greece and the Association of Pontian Societies of Southern Greece and Islands on Saturday, was a great success.

Thousands of people gathered at the Peace and Friendship Stadium in Athens to commemorate and celebrate the rich Pontian tradition, keeping the values of the global Pontian society alive.

This year’s festival was in honor of the Ypsilantis family, that contributed greatly in the Greek War of Independence that freed Greece from Ottoman rule and helped build the Hellenic Nation.

The event was four hours long, and 2,500 dancers from 453 clubs across Greece, “narrated” the story of Alexandros Ypsilantis through 25 dances, inextricably linked to the history of the Pontians.


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