Greece’s Centre-Left Movement of Change Climbs in Opinion Polls

Fofi Gennimata pictured with leader of Potami Stavros Theodorakis

Governing SYRIZA has marginally closed the gap from opposition New Democracy (ND) in a new poll by Prorata group.

The poll published in Efimerida ton Syntakton shows that ND is leading with 33% and SYRIZA follows with 24.5%.

The most impressive finding of the poll is the rise in the preference for the Movement of Change, the new centre-left party that last month elected Fofi Gennimata as its leader.

Movement for Change is projected at 18%, climbing 4 percentage points from the last poll of the same company in September.

The Communist party (KKE) is at 14.5%, and extreme right-wing Golden Dawn at 7.5%.


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