Summer Temperatures in Greece to Rise by 3 Degrees Celsius in the Future

Summer temperatures in Greece will rise by 3 degrees Celsius in the future, failing to reach the annual goals of the Paris Conference in 2015, a new climate study says.

The study conducted by the Bank of Greece and the Academy of Athens show that by the end of the 21st century, the impact of man-made activities will lead to a further rise in temperatures in Greece, especially in the summer months, averaging 3 degrees Celsius, added to the already high temperatures.

University of Athens Geology Professor Christos Zerefos, spoke at the Academy of Athens on the environmental and economic consequences of anthropogenic interference with climate change.

The professor said that the already observed decline in rainfall in western Greece in the last century, is expected to continue in the 21st century. As a consequence, at the end of this century, rainfall is expected to have decreased by more than 15%.

Zerefos also stressed that the increase in extreme weather phenomena, which have a significant impact, not only on the increased probability of forest fires, but also on agricultural production, is more worrisome. He estimated that some coastal areas of Greece would become even more vulnerable due to the penetration of brackish water due to the rise in sea level.


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