Trade Unionists Furious at Labor Law Changes Invade Greek Ministry (video)

A policeman was injured in the clashes

Dozens of demonstrators invaded the Ministry of Labor in downtown Athens on Tuesday protesting against the government’s decision to amend the law on strikes.

According to reports, the demonstrators were members of the trade union PAME, affiliated to the Greek Communist Party (KKE).

The crowd broke the police cordon and the building’s shutters before invading the building. A policeman was injured during the clashes.

The SYRIZA-led government was forced after an outcry by Trade Unions and opposition parties to withdraw an amendment on workers’ strike and other labour issues only hours after they were tabled in parliament.

Regarding the right to go on strike, the amendment said that for a union to go on strike, at least 50% plus one of active union members must agree. The existing law says that only 20% of union members are needed to decide to go on strike.


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