Cyprus Town Bans Staging of Play with Gay Storyline

The municipal council of a town in Cyprus, on Tuesday, announced they would not allow the staging on Wednesday by the state theatre organisation Thoc, of a play about the story of a gay couple.

The play, Cock, by Mike Bartlett, was to be staged at the municipal theatre of the town of Sotira in the Famagusta district.

In an announcement after an extraordinary meeting, the municipal council said they unanimously agreed that the show was to be cancelled “to preserve order and normality within the municipality and to avoid any unpleasant incidents”.

Cyprus-Mail reports that the director of the play, Kostas Silvestros, expressed his regret that the play would not be allowed to be staged.

Such behaviour, he said on Facebook, encourage “hatred, fear and certainly help no society get ahead”.

Cock, he said, has been successfully staged in Cyprus over the past two months and was well received by the audience. The play has also been staged with success in the UK, Greece, Australia, Spain and the Philippines, he added.

Cock is about sexual orientation and choices. It tells the story of a man who, after he breaks up with his boyfriend, falls in love with a woman and the efforts of his ex to win him back.


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