Greek Olympians Plan to Protest the Kidnapping of the Greek Marbles by Dressing as Caryatids Inside British Museum

A group of Greek Olympians have decided to protest Britain’s refusal to return the Parthenon sculptures to Greece by protesting inside the British Museum; where the marbles are kept, while dressed as Caryatids.

According to a Kathimerini newspaper report, the protest is to be led by the president of the Hellenic Olympians Association, water polo athlete Voula Kozoboli; as well as the HOAs vice president Evi Moraitidou, silver medalist in water polo in 2004; wrestler Voula Zygouri, and Eirini Aindili, who won a bronze medal for rhythmic gymnastics in 2000.

“Since antiquity, sports have been irrevocably linked to culture,” Kozoboli told the newspaper.

“The time has come for Olympians to unite their voices with others and demand the return of our stolen heritage to Greece,” she said.