Greek Police Arrest 11, Question 26 in Athens Riot

Greek Police arrested 11 people and brought in 26 for questioning after the destructive riots that took place in Athens, for the 9th anniversary of the police slaying of Alexandros Grigoropoulos.

Eight of the people arrested are Greek; three of them being minors. One underage Romanian, one Albanian and one Italian, are the other three.

The most extended clashes between anarchists and police took place in the Exarchia area. They started at around 8 pm and continued almost through the night.

Dozens of people with their faces covered started building barricades on Stournari Street; the side street of the National Technical University of Athens administration building.

The perpetrators started throwing molotov cocktails, flares and rocks at riot police, who replied by throwing noise grenades and used tear gas to disperse the anarchists.

The streets around NTUA – Bouboulinas, Stournari and Tositsa – soon turned to battlefields, with the perpetrators setting fire on trash containers and any materials they could find. They also set three cars on fire that gradually burned to the ground.

The morning after, extensive damages to storefronts and apartment building facades were recorded.

Similar riots took place in Thessaloniki, outside Aristotle University and surrounding streets. A policeman was injured and taken to the hospital.