City of Elefsina Hosts the Baraka Circus’ First Performance in Greece

The French modern circus Baraka will arrive in the town of Elefsina on Saturday, with performances that include acrobatics, body theatre, music, and dance, as part of a tour that crosses the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

The Baraka performance questions people’s relations, differences and issues of co-existence. “The limits are both personal and international, like the walls we put up and destroy,” said the 14 artists, musicians and technicians.

It it the first time the Baraka circus visits Greece, and Elefsina – as Cultural Capital of Europe 2021 – is hosting it in collaboration with the French Institute of Athens.

The performances will run until January 21 and all revenues of the first performance (Saturday 16 December) will be turned over to those stricken by the floods in western Attica.

(Source: AMNA)