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Hooded Vandals Smash Athens Metro Station, Invade Macedonian University

Two different incidents of vandalism, one in Athens and one in Thessaloniki, were recorded today. Hooded anarchists appear to be the culprits on both attacks.

The first one occurred during the big Athens protest march, when a group of hooded anarchists broke away, approached the Panepistimio metro station and smashed the ticket control machines, causing maximum damage to the station.

The place was left in shambles, with broken glass and other debris lying in the area, before the hooded vandals left it. Greek police sent a squad to the station, which arrived after the departure of the culprits.

They, nevertheless, closed down the station after accessing the damage and reaching the conclusion that it was not safe for commuters.

The second incident occurred in the Macedonian University, in Thessaloniki, where 10 to 15 hooded men carrying crowbars, sticks, bricks and other disposable material vandalised the place.

According to reports, the anarchists entered the university unmasked, so that they wouldn’t raise suspicions, then put on their hoods and started smashing everything in sight. Not even the little Christmas tree in the entrance could escape their fury.

Some of them even started going after university students on the premises, injuring a few of them in the process. No serious injury was reported, though.

The blitz attack was over in no time, and the culprits escaped before anyone could call the police.