What did Greeks Google the Most in 2017

As 2017 ends in a few days, Google’s Year in Search shows us what Greeks clicked for the most during the year, in the most popular online search engine.

As in previous years, in Greeks were most interested in reality shows, television series and celebrities. There was also a lot of activity on government web sites regarding the new security fund for professionals and freelancers (EFKA), and the social dividend to be distributed at the end of the year.

The list below shows the most popular Google searches for 2017 in Greece:

Fastest rising searches 2017

1.Survivor (reality show)
2.Social dividend
3. Eurovision 2017
4.Nomads (reality show)
5.Zoe Laskari (actor who passed)
6.Eurobasket 2017
7.Stathis Psaltis (actor who passed)
9.My style rocks (TV show)
10.iPhone 8


1. Social dividend
3. Irianna (woman suspected of terrorist link)
4. Catalonia
5. Center Left party elections
6. Forest Maps
7. Artemis Sorras (wanted swindler)
8. Mandra, Attica (flooded town with 23 dead)
9. Electronic ticket (new tickets for Athens public transport)
10. WWII bomb detonation in Cordelio


1. Zoe Laskaris
2. Stathis Psaltis
3. Nana Karagianni (TV presenter who died of anorexia)
4. Irene Papadopoulou (singer)
5. Natassa Kalogridi (actor, reality show player)
6. Mary Tsoni (actor)
7. Laura Naryes (reality show player)
8. Danos (reality show player)
9. Sofi Paschali (reality show player)
10.Chester Bennington (Linkin Park singer who committed suicide)


1. La La Land
2. Fast and Furious 8
3. It
4. Wonder Woman
5. The Last Note
6. Justice League
7. Moonlight
8. Logan
9. Fifty Shades Darker
10.Blade Runner

TV series and shows

1. Survivor
2. Nomads
3. My style rocks
4. Virgin Life
5. Come in my place
6. Survival secret
7. Tattoo
8. Classmates
9. Rising Star
10.Shopping Star