Photo Gone Viral: The Lighthouse of Chania at the Mercy of a Storm

This stunning photograph of the lighthouse during a storm at the port of Chania, Crete has gone viral in Greece.

The photo was uploaded at the “chaniaoldtown” account of Instagram and was shared by hundreds in only a few hours.

Waves hit the lighthouse as a couple is walking on the pier, a scene captured in a perfect photograph that highlights the wild beauty of the Cretan city.

Chania lighthouse, the jewel of the city, is one of the oldest in Greece.

The tower is 21m high and is built on a stone base, located at the end of the old harbour’s pier opposite to the fortress of “Firkas”.

Chania lighthouse was first constructed by the Venetians around 1595 – 1601, and it took its final form, in the shape of a minaret, during the Egyptian Period (1831 – 1841) in around 1839.

After the latest restoration, completed in 2006, it was given the formation of the Venetian period. The minaret look is still evident however.


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