Mountain Trail in Northern Greece Races to Promote Sports Tourism

Many people want to reach the top, but only a few enjoy the route on the way up and that is the best part, according to mountain race organisers Frozen Peaks.

Frozen Peaks organises mountain races; of various distances, in the icy highlands around Nevrokopi, in Drama.

The northwestern part of Drama; and specifically the area around the Municipality of Nevrokopi, is known as the coldest part of Greece due to its geographical location and position.

The region’s highest mountain peaks – Tsolia on Mount Orvilos at 2212 m, and Prophet Elias on Mount Falakro at 2232 m – are also in the same area; where the chill which is noticeable even in the summer, is what inspired the name Frozen Peaks.

These events organised by Frozen Peaks, aspire to help develop Nevrokopi and sports tourism; bringing runners from both Greece and abroad.

The region; besides boasting its unique agricultural products (potato, beans), livestock, logging and marble businesses, possesses a rich history and several historical monuments, vibrant folklore and traditions, a war museum, picturesque churches, traditional settlements, rare natural beauty, a rich variety of flora and fauna, artificial lakes and a ski resort.

The routes of the races aim to showcase all the above elements: the military forts of the Metaxas line, which the Germans could not subdue in 1940, the old military facilities, the outposts and the military paths, the Greek-Bulgarian border, areas of scenic beauty, the artificial lakes, the highest peaks of the mountains, the ski slopes of the Falakro ski centre, the villages, the traditional settlements and the picturesque churches of the area, the farmhouses and the quarries.

The Frozen Peaks trail races include a range of mountain races that are 10, 40, 80 and 240 km long in the Nevrokopi region, on May 24-27.

Source: ANA-MPA


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