Anarchists in Greece Claim to have Poisoned Popular Super Market Items

The anarchist group Black and Green Arsonists claim they have taken popular food and drink items off the shelves of super markets, and that they will return them poisoned.

The Counter Terrorism Unit of the Hellenic Police are investigating the claim the group has posted in anarchist website Indymedia, accompanied by 11 photographs to support their claim.

The anarchists say that they will put the products back on the shelves in super markets in Athens and Thessaloniki poisoned with hydrochloric acid in the December 20-24 period.

The photos posted on Indymedia show the specific products that are supposedly poisoned.

Last year, an anarchist group did the same, forcing some super market chains to recall specific products.

The Black and Green Arsonists posted a statement on Indymedia titled “Green Nemesis Act 3”.

The manifesto posted reads as follows:

“These days thousands and thousands of Christians leave the couch to make the necessary shopping for the Christmas table to fill their empty lives with consumable rubbish with beautiful and glittering wrappings.

All this feast has as victims millions of living creatures that are slaughtered to arrive at the tables of the living/dead, or drained to the last drop of blood to satisfy their palates. We recognize that this is happening throughout the year, but in those days, this phenomenon is in recession.

That is why we chose to sabotage the following products in Athens and Thessaloniki. For practical reasons, we provide a sample of visual material from the products poisoned with hydrochloric acid, step by step.

We will start re-placing them on the shelves from 20.12 to 24.12 in different supermarket chains throughout Athens and all of Thessaloniki.

The poisoned products are Coca Cola and Coca Cola light one and a half litres, luncheon meat Yfantis 500 and 350 grams and Delta whole milk.

For each product we show exactly how we put the hydrochloric acid and the final result when it is ready to be put back on the supermarket shelves.

The Black and Green Arsonists”


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