Poll: New Democracy Leads by 12% in Voters’ Preference, Greeks Dissatisfied with Gov’t

Conservative New Democracy leads over leftist SYRIZA by 12% on intention to vote, while Greeks overall appear dissatisfied with the present administration, a new poll says.

The poll was conducted by the University of Macedonia on behalf of Skai television, in light of the controversy created by the social dividend the government is giving to the needy for Christmas, and the scandal of the defence minister trying to sell ammunition to Saudi Arabia, in what seemed like a shady deal.

Main opposition New Democracy leads in intention to vote with 30%, followed by SYRIZA with 18%. Change Movement, the new party formed of a coalition of centre-left parties (PASOK, DEMAR, and To Potami) came third with 9.5%, followed by right extremists Golden Dawn (7.5%).

The Greek Communist party (KKE) came fifth with 6.5%, the Centrists Union followed with 2.5% and Independent Greeks (ANEL) with 2%. Finally, Popular Unity and Plefsi Eleftherias completed the list with 1.5% and 1% respectively.

New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis appeared as most suitable for prime minister (30%), followed by Alexis Tsipras (18%). However, 46% of respondents found neither as being suitable.

In the question “Who do you expect to win the election”, the main opposition came far ahead with 60.5%, leaving the leftist party behind at 15.5%.

The poll also reflected the general disappointment of the electorate with regard to their future, as well as the state of the country. Specifically, when asked whether things go in the right or the wrong direction, 74.5% responded “wrong”, while 55% said that “I am not happy with the government and there are alternatives”. At the same time, only 6% of participants said they are satisfied with the government’s performance, and only 13.5% among SYRIZA voters answered the same.

There is also disappointment with regard to the future of the economy, as the overwhelming majority appear pessimistic. Regarding their personal financial situation, 55% of Greeks said “it will probably worsen” or “surely worsen”, while only 8.5% said “probably will improve” or “surely improve”.

Finally, with regard to two major topical issues, foreclosure auctions and sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, 74.5% responded that the government does not protect the homes of the poor, while 60.5% of respondents said they suspect the Saudi Arabia deal smells like a scandal.