Over 20 Dogs Deliberately Poisoned in Volos Suburbs

Animal lovers in the suburbs of Volos, in central Greece, were appalled last week when they found out that someone had poisoned a total of 23 dogs in three different suburbs of the city.

The event occurred over the weekend, when dog owners woke up to see their pets lying in their yards and in the streets, having consumed poisoned food. None of the dogs found dead were stray.

The dogs were poisoned in three suburbs of Volos; Stefanovikeio, Velestino and Rizomylo.

The dog owners who lost their pets posted the incident on social media to warn other pet owners that their pets might be in danger. There are no clues as to who the culprit of this hideous act is.

Most of the dog owners are considering legal action against the unknown perpetrator of the brutal act.


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