Kamatriades: Escape in this Hidden Gem on Evia Island

The picturesque village of Kamatriades on the north side of the Greek island of Evia lies on the slopes of mount Telethrion at an altitude of 350 meters.

The village, offering spectacular views all over Evia, was covered in snow when Greek Reporter arrived on Saturday.

A small traditional café is the focal point of the village of only 75 souls. Some decades ago, the village was boasting a population of 400, but many of the younger population left for the bigger towns of Evia and the rest of Greece.

The residents are mainly engaged in agriculture, livestock farming and logging.

In recent years, many have been involved in tourism, since the village is a favorite destination for hiking, horseback riding and mountaineering.

In the village there is also a horse riding center belonging to Mr. Tassos Katsikogiannis.

Watch our live tour of the village:

The special feeling of a ride into the forest on a horse, makes it a special destination for young and old, a great spot for hiking climbing and mountain biking.

In the 40 acres farm there are twelve horses for riding, asian dama-dama deers, dwarf african goats, ducks, chicken, dogs and many more animals.

Riding lessons are also available.


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