Russian FM Favors Participation of SC Permanent Members at an International Conference on Cyprus

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says it is necessary to continue with the dialogue, in order to reach a settlement in Cyprus, adding that there is no alternative option. At the same time, he says that Moscow has put forward a “logical” proposal over the participation of the permanent members of the UN Security Council at an international Conference on Cyprus, where the external aspects of a Cyprus settlement will be discussed.

In an interview with “Simerini” weekly, published today, Russia’s top diplomat says President Anastasiades’ support towards this idea (of permanent members participating at an international Conference on Cyprus) – which was expressed both in front of the General Assembly and during his recent visit to Moscow – will contribute in the formation of a new system of security and guarantees, that will meet “modern realities and the interests of Cyprus”.

He adds that Moscow’s position remains unchanged, in support of restoring Cyprus’ independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity, in a way that reflects the interest of Cypriots themselves, as well as the aim of preserving peace in the Eastern Mediterranean. The path towards this goal passes through a comprehensive, permanent and viable Cyprus solution, Lavrov underlines.
(Source: CNA)


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