Israeli Embassy in Greece Vandalized with Red Paint (video)

Ten activists of the radical leftist group Rouvikonas (Rubicon), on Monday, vandalized the Israeli embassy building in Athens, Greece, with bottles of red paint.

They arrived riding motorcycles at around 6:00 in the morning while the building was unmanned, and wore helmets to hide their faces.

“We identify with the Palestinians, a nation that for decades has been a victim of oppression,” Rubicon said in a statement following the incident.

“In reality, the Palestinians are pressured to leave their land. This is ethnic cleansing at a low intensity level for decades.

“The question that arises from the Palestinian struggle that must confront us all is the question of the nature of the Palestinian struggle for independence. It is a question of survival of a nation in the land on which it was born.”

“Today, at 6:05 am, we attacked the front of the Israeli embassy in Athens with dozens of bottles of paint,” they admitted.

“In 1949, after centuries of persecution, part of the Jewish people found a safe haven for a country that had a central place in the Jewish tradition,” they continued. “But others lived in this country. How can people who oppose the persecution of one people agree to be persecuted?”

Many protests have been launched around the world against Israel and the United States following US President Donald Trump’s announcement earlier this month, that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel.