More Snow Expected in Greece This Week

    The weather will deteriorate in Greece during the week, as a storm front makes its way across the country from the northwest, the Greek weather service EMY warned on Tuesday.

    A gradual deterioration is expected by Wednesday, with heavy rain and storms that will  become thick snow at higher altitudes, especially in the northwest.

    The phenomena will mainly affect the northern Ionian sea, Epirus and western mainland on Wednesday, with heavy snow falling overnight in the mountains above 1200 metres.

    As of Thursday, the bad weather will start to spread across most of the country, reaching the Peloponnese, eastern Macedonia-Thrace, and the rest of the mainland from midday, and the islands of the Aegean by night.

    Snow will fall at altitudes exceeding 800 metres in Epirus and the western mainland, at 900 metres in western Macedonia, and 1200 metres in the northern Peloponnese.

    On Friday, the most severe weather will have passed eastward and will still affect eastern Macedonia, Thrace, the islands of the Aegean and intermittently the northern Ionian sea, Epirus, western Greece and the Peloponnese.

    Lighter snow will continue to fall at altitudes above 800 metres in the west and north.

    (Source: AMNA)



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