Turkey Issues Aegean NAVTEX in New Provocation

Turkey has issued a series of Navigational Telexes (NAVTEX) for military exercises, that in essence are excluding large areas of the Aegean Sea from marine traffic throughout 2018.

Greek Ministry of Defence sources say that the NAVTEXs constitute a Turkish provocation in the Aegean.

On Christmas day, the Turkish Navy Hydrographic Service issued NAVTEXs 1410, 1411, and 1412, that “bind” three regions of the Aegean for almost all of 2018.

Navtex 1410

According to Greek defence sources, Greece will make an official démarche to the NATO command.

Athens says that Turkey cannot “bind” regions in the Aegean for such a long time, and that the announcement serves political, rather than military, purposes.


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