Lawyer Arrested for Painting Anti Golden Dawn Slogan

A lawyer who was arrested earlier today in the Karpenisi prefecture for painting anti-fascist slogans over ones by neo-Nazi Golden Dawn supporters, was released on bail this afternoon.

Takis Zotos; who had served as a civic lawyer in the Golden Dawn trial, was arrested while painting the phrase “Fascists out of Karpenisi” with a red brush on a wall. He was arrested for “destruction of public property”.

Zotos was visiting Karpenisi; his wife’s birthplace, during the holidays, and was arrested when police saw him painting his slogan over previous ones by supporters of the Neo-Nazi group.

In his statements, the lawyer was outraged that the pro-GD slogans were allowed to remain on the city walls by the municipality, particularly given the history of Karpenisi, which was devastated by the Nazis during Greece’s occupation in WWII.

The movement “United Against Racism and the Fascist Threat”, issued a statement saying the arrest of the lawyer was a disgrace. They accuse the police in the area as being “still full of Golden Dawn sympathisers” and in “dire need of catharsis”.


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