One in Ten Recipients of Social Dividend in Greece are Foreigners

Data from the finance ministry show that foreign residents of dozens of different nationalities receive the social dividend in Greece, with one in ten recipients being non-Greek.

Specifically, 97,000 recipients are of Albanian, Bulgarian and Romanian nationalities; 9,700 recipients are from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Philippines and China; while 1,500 are from European countries such as Germany, France, Britain and the Netherlands.

The social dividend platform ( closed on Tuesday evening, to include additional categories of beneficiaries who did not meet all the evaluation criteria during the previous phase of the process.

According to a statement from the finance ministry, the platform was open – for the last day – for the following cases:

  • Single parent families receiving the single child support allowance or multi-child allowance for which a more favorable calculation is made to broaden the base of beneficiaries in this category. For single parent families that have already been approved, the procedure will be automatically processed, and any difference in the amount will be automatically credited to their account;
  • Seniors older than 67 years for whom the one-month compulsory insurance        criterion does not apply;
  • Private households in which the beneficiary is a person with a disability of 67% or above for which, too, the above criterion does not apply; and
  • Households that have mistakenly declared preparatory school fees in the field for private school expenditure.

Households where errors were found when crosschecking their data in databases and their applications were rejected or canceled.


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