Turkey Harasses German Research Vessel in North Aegean

The Turkish navy has asked a German vessel conducting research between the Greek islands of Samothraki and Limnos, to leave the area claiming that it had violated Turkish territorial waters.

The research vessel “Meteor” conducts research on behalf of the University of Heidelberg, and has a license to operate in the area by the Greek authorities.

The “Meteor” was forced to leave the area after the Turkish warnings and is currently sailing towards Samothraki, within Greek territorial waters.

According to Kathimerini, Greek military sources say that Turkey always uses the tactic of challenging Greek sovereign rights in the Aegean.

Further south, to the west of Lesvos, the Turkish corvette “Bafra” is accompanying the research vessel Deep Sea Metro 2 sailing towards the Straits of Constantinople.

The Greek frigate Elli is monitoring the Turkish corvette from a discreet distance.


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